Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's been so much fun homeschooling you, Izz! We started our school last week with our Creation Science, and I had the best time ever! One of the questions asked in our lesson was... Why didn't God just threw a few things together during His creation time, instead of carefully doing it? Your answer threw me off guard. You said, "Because God has good manners!" "He doesn't want to be messy. He wants people to believe in Him, so He created the world nicely." Nice one, Baby! Day 2, I was reading to you the story of Adam and Eve as they disobeyed God and were punished by Him. They were driven out of their dream home on top of all other sufferings as a result of their disobedience. While reading the story, you said, "Mommy, don't you just feel like crying?" "Crying? Why?" I asked. You said, "I feel sorry for Adam and Eve. It makes me want to cry." Then you went on crying. Oh, Baby! :( Everyday now, I am keeping my eyes open to all the great experiences in our homeschooling adventure. You sure is a smart little girl. Daddy and I are so proud of you!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

High Fructose, Aspartame and MSG

Yes, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame and MSG are forever banned from our household! We make sure we check the ingredients of the food we buy at the grocery before we shove them into our mouths. It didn't take a long time for you to follow this rule in our family! You also understand that this is our way of taking care of the bodies that Jesus gave us.

One night, while watching Little House in the Prairie (your latest favorite TV show), you were eating a bowl of raw sunflower seeds (shelled). I told you that you were eating too much of them. Your reply cracked me up, "It's okay, Momma. These don't have high fructose corn syrup."

Visiting your grandpa Martens at the Sauer Home, one of his friends gave you a chocolate candy. Before eating it you asked, "Daddy, could you check if there is aspartame in this candy?" That's a good one!

Eating at Grandma's house for Thanksgiving, I put a few drop of Ranch dressing on your favorite salad. Daddy was concerned that the dressing might contain MSG. Upon hearing him, you said, "Mommy, I can't eat my salad now! It's got MSG! I don't want MSG!"

I'm so proud of you, Sweetheart! You learn so fast!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Love and Prayers

I never could have imagined the indescribable feeling of having a daughter like you! Your I-love-you's are more precious each day. Your thoughtfulness of me as I am going through physical challenges of being pregnant is melting my heart. When you offer to rub my back and squeeze my toes when I am attacked by morning sickness touches me. Oh, how blessed I am to be your mom! Your little heart is beautiful! I know God made your heart that way, as you pray for Him to bless your heart each morning. There's nothing more fulfilling for a mother who desires her daughter to learn to learn to yield her heart to the Lord. I am so proud that you have learned to pray for your heart... that God fills it with wisdom and love every day. I know you don't understand much what your daily prayer means... but it is awesome to hear you say it, and that God understands it fully well. Who would ever thought that even before you turn 4, you have already learned to ask God to be Lord of your heart and to help you become obedient to Him and your mommy and daddy day after day. In my heart of heart, I desire to see you continue this prayer forever. I love you, Sweetheart!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Homeschool Story- 1

Izzy: Mommy, I want to go to Sami's house.
Mommy: Sami is not home now. She is in school. She goes to school from Monday through Friday during the day.
Izzy: What day is it today?
Mommy: Monday. So she is in school.
Izzy: But I'm home.
Mommy: Yes, you are home and even when you are ready to go to school, you still stay at home because your school is gonna at home.
Izzy: (Laughing out loud!) Whatttt??? School at home??? Don't be funny, mom! (Laugh... laugh... laugh!)
Mommy: I'm not being funny, Sweetheart. You are gonna have your school at home. I'm serious.
Izzy: You are so silly, Mom.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Motor Skill

Your daddy and I think you have excellent motor skills! You've learned to write your name even before you turned 3. Now, you have amazed me that with a pen in your hand and a piece of paper, you just enjoy writing letters and drawing while I do stuff in my computer. You are a natural artist. I can't help to think that you might have a career of an artist... painter or what when you grow up. Well, that's not a bit surprising because your daddy is a painter.

Anyway, I think I'm just excited now after I saw your drawing... a perfect heart!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Funny how you seem to be starting to fulfill your daddy's wish that you would be one who seeks to know the right definitions of words. The other night, while we were having our bedtime devotion, you insisted that you sing your song of the week... and that is "Above all". So we let you.

You: Crucified (perfect tune)... what is crucified, daddy?
Daddy: It's when Jesus died on the cross.
You: Laid behind the stone... what is laid behind the stone?
Daddy: It's to say that Jesus was buried in a cave that was covered by a huge stone.
You: Yap... huge stone! Nobody can carry it!!! (with your eyes so wide open!)
You:You live to die, (re)jected and alone... what is that daddy?
Daddy: Jesus died and people hated Him and He was alone when he faced his death.
You: Yap... Jesus died.
You: Like a rose trampled on the ground... oh, I know a rose... it's a flower. YOu took the fall... what's that daddy?
Daddy: Jesus accepted his job to suffer in order to save us.
YOU: And thought of me above all!

Then, we prayed...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Your Own Prayer

I woke up today thinking about your prayer at our devotion time last night. Here's how you said it (holding daddy and mommy's hands, eyes closed)"Dear Lord,thank you for this evening.I trust you.I love you.Thank you you're not mad at me when I made a mess tonight (with her paint brushes).Help me to be nice girl.In Jesus' name,Amen. Mommy, it's your turn now." You tooted and said,"Oopsies!God laughs at that."LOL!