Friday, August 6, 2010

Love and Prayers

I never could have imagined the indescribable feeling of having a daughter like you! Your I-love-you's are more precious each day. Your thoughtfulness of me as I am going through physical challenges of being pregnant is melting my heart. When you offer to rub my back and squeeze my toes when I am attacked by morning sickness touches me. Oh, how blessed I am to be your mom! Your little heart is beautiful! I know God made your heart that way, as you pray for Him to bless your heart each morning. There's nothing more fulfilling for a mother who desires her daughter to learn to learn to yield her heart to the Lord. I am so proud that you have learned to pray for your heart... that God fills it with wisdom and love every day. I know you don't understand much what your daily prayer means... but it is awesome to hear you say it, and that God understands it fully well. Who would ever thought that even before you turn 4, you have already learned to ask God to be Lord of your heart and to help you become obedient to Him and your mommy and daddy day after day. In my heart of heart, I desire to see you continue this prayer forever. I love you, Sweetheart!

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