Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Funny how you seem to be starting to fulfill your daddy's wish that you would be one who seeks to know the right definitions of words. The other night, while we were having our bedtime devotion, you insisted that you sing your song of the week... and that is "Above all". So we let you.

You: Crucified (perfect tune)... what is crucified, daddy?
Daddy: It's when Jesus died on the cross.
You: Laid behind the stone... what is laid behind the stone?
Daddy: It's to say that Jesus was buried in a cave that was covered by a huge stone.
You: Yap... huge stone! Nobody can carry it!!! (with your eyes so wide open!)
You:You live to die, (re)jected and alone... what is that daddy?
Daddy: Jesus died and people hated Him and He was alone when he faced his death.
You: Yap... Jesus died.
You: Like a rose trampled on the ground... oh, I know a rose... it's a flower. YOu took the fall... what's that daddy?
Daddy: Jesus accepted his job to suffer in order to save us.
YOU: And thought of me above all!

Then, we prayed...

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