Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It felt like it was only yesterday when you hated shopping. Well, that was a year ago already. I remember how you would scream your lungs out every time we enter a store. It was embarrassing for me... people turn their heads to see, maybe, if I am hurting you. Well, maybe they were not thinking like that, I guess they were just concern of you... a baby. Well, those days are gone! You are now the most beautiful shopper toddler! Your daddy noticed that too last night when you went to Byerley's to buy a few food items. You were very obedient. Never asked for a sucker or a candy! You were very helpful. And happy... and a chatter box. Going shopping with you now is fun! When you and mommy go shopping at clothes and toy stores, you of course, checks out the toys and says, "MOmmy, here is Barney and friends. I like them! But I don't need them. I have lots of toys already. I just need a few of toys... I have enough." I know it sounds too good to be true but you have learned this from mommy because she told you those lines over and over again before until you have known them by heart.

Thank you, Lord, for our little smarty girl. Thank you for giving her wisdom and meekness.

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