Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just Right!

How I love your personality! For a toddler, you are quite mature, actually. Oh, I have the time of my life being with you 24/7. I am so grateful to the Lord that I've chosen the right thing for me... to stay home with you. It may seem "to-good-to-be-true" to other mothers but I don't mind that my world stops for years so I can be with you all the time.

Everyday is a sweet day for me! I love to come greet you "good morning" when you wake up and cuddle with you in our bed. I enjoy talking to you. Your answers to my questions are so cute. Example:

Mommy: Good morning, sweetheart!
You: Mornin, Mommy Bobbie (sometimes, bakie and other words... for fun)
Mommy: What are you planning to do today?
You: I wanna watch TV.
Mommy: What else?
You: I don't know. (with a big sweet smile)
Mommy: How about eat breakfast?
You: Yeah, eat breakfast... and watch TV!

Well, you love TV that much. I'm just grateful that Noggin TV exists so you're actually learning while watching. And hey, it's not really that bad because you hardly sits when watching TV. You always do something else while watching... like playing with your dolls, or assisting mommy emptying the dishwasher, or running around the living room doing the "summer salt" thing. So that is nice!

Speaking of assisting mommy, We have been really proud of you for being a cheerful helper. Now, mommy has a helper! As I've mentioned you have been helping me empty the dishwasher. You're good at picking up toys and putting them away when mommy tells you so. On top of that, mommy has started asking you to do simple errands around the house. It's really nice... my work at home has been easier. One specific help you are giving me is handing me my towel after my shower. I smile every time you do this favor for me because you would literally run from what you are doing when I call you from the shower, which hints you that I need my towel. Here is our conversation...

Mommy: Izzy!
You: Yes, mommy. (very loud, our neighbors could hear... running to the bathroom)
Mommy: Could you give me my towel, please?
You: Yap. You want the one with flowers, mommy?
Mommy: Yes, please.
You: Okay. Here you go mommy.
Mommy: What were you doing?
You: I'm just playing with my toys.
Mommy: Okay. Thank you, sweetheart!
You: You're welcome. (Running back to the living room.)

One thing that we really love about you is your extra-ordinary long attention span! It really amazes us how you could listen to us when we talk to you. You seem to be not distracted by anything when we talk to you. You look at us in the eyes. Sometimes, I take the credit for holding your face with my hands to my direction when I talked to you when you were still a baby. I love it when you study my expression... yes, you do that... you study my face. You'd look my face for a minute while I'm talking to you and you make a comment like, "you're not happy, mommy?", or "you're being funny, mommy." or "be happy, mommy!" or "you're mad, mommy. Be nice." That really tickles me to the bones! Anyway, because of your long attention span, you were able to memorize your first verse ever at one time setting. You also love the stories we tell you before we go to bed. You always retells the story we told you afterward.

On our recent trip to Tennessee, we were so amazed at how very good a little girl you were. You followed each instruction we gave you... well, there was only a few times when you complained but you ended up coming around our wishes quickly. You were such a fun little girl getting to know the passengers, asking their names and telling them your cute experiences. You even gave the flight attendant a big hug and said "thank you" and "bye" to the pilots! Baby, everyone we met at the trip said, "what a beautiful little girl!" You have no idea... that line means the world to me your daddy!

I love you so much, Isabelle! Your daddy and I are so in love with you!


Gigie said...
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Gigie said...

Hi Izzy you are so big girl na.. I can't forget carrying you in Manila you are still 3 months old!! I miss you!! I miss you always! We love you Izzy!! You are so adorable and cute!!