Thursday, May 28, 2009

Potty Training

We bought your potty that plays music a couple months ago. I started teaching you how to use it and even showing you how to do it using my own potty, of course. For some reason, you didn't get it. You thought that we had to do our thing in our underwear first and then go to the potty to clean up. I tried training you for a few days and thought I should take it slowly... until I completely stopped teaching you how to "go" potty. Last night though was fun... and here is why...

Daddy and Uncle Orgil were talking in the living room, while I was facebooking in the kitchen. Lo and behold, we heard a music from your potty! Bingo! You finally figured out how to use your potty. We all went to the bathroom and saw yellow liquid in your potty bowl! Wow! What an effortless potty training for you! You figured it yourself. We are proud of you. You are now officially potty-trained. But of course, we give room to "accidents". :)

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