Thursday, May 28, 2009

Effortless Weaning

I am so proud to tell the world that I nursed you for 31 months. I devoted my time making sure you get the best nutrition and that included breastfeeding you until you decide to stop. How did we wean you? Okay, here it is...

You just love sleeping with daddy and mommy in our bed. We love it too! We three sleep through the night when you are sleeping with us... so, that's a real treat, isn't it? Suddenly, I had a big idea...

Mommy: Don't you want to sleep in your princess canopy bed tonight?
You: No, not at all!
Mommy: Here's the deal, you can sleep with mommy and daddy tonight if I don't have to nurse you. You just have to sleep on your own.
You: Yap. But can I have my sippy cup?
Mommy: Yes.
YOu: Ok, that be awesome (that tickled me... lol)

Then we three went to sleep and it's been 3 weeks now. You have never asked for mommy's milk since then.

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