Sunday, May 10, 2009


I have noticed your goofiness since you turned 1... and i think your being goofy has evolved into a cute sense of humor. Yes, you love to be funny. Here is one of your jokes...

Earlier that day...
Daddy: (toottttttttt!)(Yes, he tooted!)
You: Oops, I heard a mouse!
Mommy and Daddy: WHERE???
You: In daddy's butt!
Mommy, Daddy and You: Hahahahaha!

You: (toot!) (Yes, you tooted!)
Mommy and Daddy; (wide-eyed, waiting for comments...)
You: Oops, excuse me there's a little mouse in my lobot!

Now, that's hilarious!!!

1 comment:

Genejosh said...

Ha..ha..ha..hala ka ate Dines oyyy kabibo sa imo baby..namoot jud ko...