Monday, April 20, 2009


Cy is your friend... well, your mommy's close friend's baby. I met his mommy and daddy back when your daddy and I went to our birthing and parenting preparation classes in July of 2006. Cy's mommy and I were both 7 months pregnant of you guys. We were the only Filipino ladies there so it wasn't hard to spot each other. Cy's mom and I became really good friends. We love and care for each other as best friends. There are a few common qualities between me and her. We both are dedicated to staying home and breastfeeding our babies. We believe that it's the best thing for our babies. Anyway, as time passed by, Cy's mommy and me just became closer as friends. We feel blessed to have each other... I especially feel blessed that I can help her spiritually as I teach her the Bible.

Anyway, so much about the background story... let's go to the main thing... Cy. I wanted to say he is your friend... but really I don't even know if you guys end up to be friends in the future. Because by then, you will decide who your friends are. What I am so sure about is that you will have many times that you will be in the same house as he is. Right now, you think Cy is not your friend. Well, that's what you said the last time he hit you with the toy truck in his hand. Unfortunately, you just have to be patient with Cy's immaturity as to knowing what is right and what is wrong. It is wrong to hit you... yes, it is. But Cy doesn't know that yet... well, he hears that a lot of time from his mommy but he doesn't understand that hitting you or others is wrong wrong wrong.

I really feel bad each time Cy hits you, so when you learned how to fight back, I didn't quite know what to feel. Part of me is happy because you can finally get even and that you are able to somehow defend yourself. But at the same time, I'm sad that you have to hit back to defend yourself. If you are older, maybe I would not have this dilemma. I would for sure be happy that you can defend yourself even if it means that you hit back, because bullies would only stop bullying when you show that you are not scared of them. But when you are grown up you will understand that ultimately even if we don't defend ourselves from abusive people, God will be there to protect us.

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