Saturday, March 7, 2009

About mommy's toddler- random

You have really been talking more lately. It's been fun to hear you catch up with big people's words and expressions. You are singing around the house... more than ever before! You have also become sweeter and cuddlier! You like to be on mommy's lap a lot. It's a sweet haven for you, I guess. You say, "I love you" to mommy a lot of times each day. You have learned that "ahhh" is only done in bed and not anywhere else. I have started potty training you today. This morning, you tried to go "no.1" but it was not successful. You also tried doing "no. 2" but it was also unsuccessful. In between two attempts you went "no 1" in your diapee. It's funny. You are excited about your potty that makes music but hasn't really been using it for its purpose yet. I am looking forward to the day when you finally get successful in it. Can't wait.

Yesterday, I was wondering why you were very quiet in Uncle Orgil's room. I called you and you answered me with a relaxed voice. When I finally checked on you, I found out that you had a candy in your mouth. So that's what you were doing there... digging in Uncle Orgil's stuff to find some candies. It was funny to see your very guilty face when I came into the room. You knew that candies... two or more are very bad. One is fine, though.

I am so happy that you have grown well. It's wonderful that I could explain things to you and you say, "okay, mommy." Yes, you have a few mischievous acts but they are so few. You listen and you seem to understand my explanations. You've continually amazed me.

I love you, Izzy Pooh!

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