Saturday, March 7, 2009


Izzy did great in this trip. She didn’t seem like she was bothered by the heat and humidity. She was in her most pleasant mood. Our flights were so much fun and easy because she was very content and obedient. She loved the attention she got from her cousins (all girls!). Her cousins, titos and titas (uncles and aunties) were so fond of her, especially, when she gets goofy. She surely was “the life of a party” here. She also enjoyed being with her lolo and lola (grandpa and grandma). P and I never had to worry how she was doing because every one seemed to love baby-sitting her, so we had lots of time for ourselves- meeting my friends and preparing for our seminar for the pastors here in Tandag. I also never had to worry about her food because she basically ate what was available to eat around here. She loved rice, bulad (dried fish), tinola (Filipino organic chicken soup with green papaya and chili leaves), fried or grilled fresh tuna, mangos and ripe papayas. She’s also happy that she got to eat some candies. I just let her have some candies here because she doesn’t get to eat them back home. At Mama and Papa’s house, our bedroom has a king-size bed and Izzy was sleeping with us. She was very comfortable that she literally slept through the night each day. She would sleep 12-14 hours a day including her 2-3 hours nap. I don’t wake her up because I believe that we should not wake babies, toddlers and preschoolers up when they are sleeping. A study has proven that long hours and quality sleep for young children is necessary for their brain development. Another study also found out that long and quality naps determine quality sleep at night. So anyway, I was really happy that my Izzy pooh slept very well on our trip. Another thing that I noticed was that Izzy was singing and dancing a lot. She was just super happy during the entire vacation! Oh, and the only thing that bothered me was that she attracted little mosquitoes. It’s strange because P and I didn’t have any mosquito bites in us, but she had them all over her arms and even on her cheeks. I feel bad about it. But she didn’t seem bothered by the bites. They must not be itchy.

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