Monday, September 28, 2009

Musical and officially goofy!

For the record, one of your favorite things to do around the house is pretending to be walking on a catwalk. Your daddy and I couldn't believe our eyes when you first did it in front of us. It's funny how you walk with your hands on both sides slightly angled out and then you would bring them to your hips when you do the poses. You also know how to swing your hips from side to side. But we think that what made it really funny is your facial expression. Your face would look like you were pretty serious about your fashion show. Oh, your daddy and I couldn't stop laughing. I hope I could take video clips of your show.

Another thing that is really fun to watch you do is when you make a song... a very long song when you are reading your books. You pretend to be reading the lyrics of your made-up songs from the books. Your songs are way too long that we have to ask you to stop singing. Of course, every time we do that you would say, "No." And on and on you keep singing. It is amazing how you could even make up your own tune. We are wondering if you would become a song writer when you grow up. From what we have seen now, we believe you could very well be a great musician in the future.

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