Thursday, December 4, 2008

"I'm smart!"

This morning, I was talking to my friend, Deegii, from Mongolia via the internet. When Izzy woke up, she joined our conversation. Deegii enjoyed her conversations with Izzy. The little girl was telling her about her canopy princess bed. At one point, Izzy told Deegii, "I'm smart." Hearing that sent goose bumps to my skin. I couldn't believe she would say that. How does she know she is smart? I don't know. Maybe she overheard me and Paul talk about how we thought that she is a smartie and somehow registered it in her little brain. Deegii was laughing. She thought it was the cutest thing on earth.

I was telling Deegii, how it dawned to me yesterday that I actually have a conversation partner at home when Paul is away for work. Izzy is growing fast. She was only a baby and now I am actually talking to her and expect her to respond. It is such a blessing to be able to see her grow bigger each day. She is also talking more and more. I would say her vocabulary is amazingly wide. And her comprehension is very good. She has been using the following expressions regularly...

"Oh, that's funny, mommy or daddy."
"Oh!" With eyebrows raised.
"I can't have it, mommy. I can't."
"I can't believe it, we're home."
"It's a cat. That's right. It's a cat."
"Oh, my goodness, it's cheese!"
"I'm fine, mommy."
"I'm okay."
"Oh... so cute! so pretty! so beautiful! Ohhh..." She said that when we were shopping for Mark and Joanna's little baby Miriam on their first visit at our house.
"I'm working, mommy." When she pretends to be scrubbing the wall or dusting the furniture.
"I'll clean it." When I complain of the mess she makes.
And etc...

I have the time of my life listening to her cute sentences. It is just amazing!!! There's definitely no amount of words that can describe how this little girl amazes me. She has just turned my quiet days into a party.

One important thing I notice in her is that she has learned to really be sorry for her failure. She also usually remembers a warning given to her.

This afternoon, while I was making cards at the bedroom downstairs, she pretended to be calling people using her princess cellphone. She pretended to call grandpa and grandma and was telling them stories of what she was doing. She also pretended to be calling lola. It was funny.

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