Monday, November 24, 2008

Her Big Girl Bed

We were scouting for Isabelle's big girl bed for a few months. I already had a clear picture of what I wanted for her. I wanted a Twin Canopy Princess bed set for her. I was also telling her that we were gonna buy her a princess bed and she was very excited about it. She is into princess thing a lot... princess purse, princess outfits, princess lawn chair, princess videos, princess sippy cups and so on and so forth. So when she heard me say that we were buying her a big girl's princess bed, she was so excited that she even promised she would sleep in that bed and not move to mommy and daddy's bed at midnight (well, I kind of made her promised that.) But she is always welcome to sleep with us in our bed anytime she wants. So anyway, we found the exact bed I had in mind but we thought it was too spendy. So we kept looking for something similar but cheaper. We got to a small furniture shop and found a very simply twin bed with an underbed storage unit. We thought it was practical. We bought it. My dream to give Izzy a princess canopy bed was shattered! I was sad on the way home. Isabelle had no clue. When it was about time for P to pick up the bed, I asked him if he could cancel the said purchase and he did without a question because he knew why. What a relief! Last Friday, Hom Furniture had a huge sale. Their Princess Bouquet twin canopy bed was a hundred dollar off. So we went to the store and bought it at around 11pm on Friday night. P picked the set yesterday and put it together. When Isabelle saw it, she was very excited and slept in it through the night. She kept her promise on Night 1.

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