Thursday, November 13, 2008

No hold hands anymore!

She was finally tired walking around the mall. We usually put her in the stroller but now that she is 2, we want her to walk more. Rokio and Naima, Isabelle and I went to the mall. I wanted to buy Paul an expensive-but-worth-it pillow from Select Comfort. We also went shopping at Old Navy. I bought Izzy a few cute tops and some cute stuff for her mommy. As usual, Naima wanted to hold Izzy and drag her. But today, my baby showed her resentment to that more clearly. She has learned to voice out her discomfort. She told Naima, "No hold hands anymore" and "Don't push me" (which she actually meant "don't drag me") She wanted Naima to leave her alone. But Naima thought Izzy was too cute and so she wanted to hug and hold her hand all the time. But Izzy has grown up. She has her own mind and she is able to voice it out now. I think it is wonderful!

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