Friday, November 14, 2008

No Happy Mommy

Isabelle is growing really fast. And she has learned to express herself more in words. It is so fun! Like today, we had our neighbors' 5-month baby with us. They had emergency meeting at their offices and so they asked me if I could baby sit the little guy. Izzy didn't take it well. She acted strangely. I asked her to do things to help me but she'd say, "I can't have it, mommy, I can't!" I think that she actually meant that she didn't want to do what I asked her to do because she is a little disappointed that my attention was divided. That I had another baby to take care with. I tried to smile at her a few times and she would just say, "No happy, mommy!" over and over again. She wasn't happy to see another baby in my arms. But she wasn't bad to Baby Sam. It's just that she wasn't really excited to have the baby around that made me busy with. Well, she has to learn to get used to the situation because we are planning on having a brother or a sister for her next year.

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