Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Big Day

It was a difficult yet the most rewarding experience I've ever had. I had no idea how stressful it was to be in labor until I was actually in it. The labor pains were so far beyond I could imagine. I was 9 days past the due date and so we decided that I would be induced. Dr. Beer recommended it. We drove to Fairview Ridges hospital in Burnsville, a few miles away from our house at 9am and checked in on the 29th of September. Before that, someone from the hospital called to inform us that we could come to the hospital anytime that morning. Our bags were already packed for a few weeks. I was emotionally and spiritually ready as well. I knew that Jesus would be right there with us in the birthing room. As soon as we checked in our room, the nurse helped me prepare for induction. I was given an IV and petussin at around 10 am. I started having real contractions after a few minutes. The contractions were so close together so the labor pains were so intense. Dr. Beer came to break my water bag at 12 noon. When my water came out, it already had the baby's stool in it. It was greenish. I was concern about it because I heard that when the baby poops inside the tummy, the baby would be stressed. However, the doctor and the nurse assured me that the baby was in a very good condition inside. We just had to make sure that as soon as she takes her first breath she should be taken out immediately. Paul was reading a few chapters from Psalm and it helped me redirect my focus away from the contractions. As my water kept flowing out, my contractions progressed and became unbearable. I decided to have an epidural. After it was injected into my system, I was able to rest and slept from 3pm to 7pm. My dilation stopped at 9 1/2 cm. It didn't progress. Dr. Michelle came instead of Dr. Beer because he wasn't on call when it was time for me to push. I started pushing from 7 pm until 11pm. I pushed and pushed for 4 straight hours, but the baby would not come out. Dr. Michelle tried to use the vacuum to help usher the baby out but it didn't work either. I was like pushing a wall that is way to impossible to be moved. I gave it all of my strength to push the baby out but nothing seemed to work. The baby was also constantly moving looking for her way out and that didn't help. Finally, Dr. Michelle said that I need to have a c-section before the baby gets distressed. Paul and I thought that it would be the best way. The nurses prepared me for the surgery. They sent me to the surgery room with Paul and gave me stuff through my epidural injection that numbed half of my body from waist down to my feet. Paul was there with me. I wasn't aware of everything that's going on around, I was only thinking of the baby to be pulled from my belly. I heard Dr. Michelle saying, "incision!" And in a minute, I heard my baby crying! Another words I heard from the doctor was this, "oh, she is a big healthy baby! no wonder why she won't come out naturally." The baby was right away brought to the table where the nurses could blow air on her and clean her. Paul was so excited, saying, "my baby..." over and over again. Then the baby was brought to me! She was the most adorable thing I've ever seen in my entire life! She was so pink! So curly hair! Her lips were so defined! I couldn't help but cry!

The baby was brought to the nursery and Paul stayed with her while I was brought to the recovery room. I was away from them for two hours. I felt like I was fighting for my life in that room. My entire body was in pain. It was midnight. I felt like I was half awake and half asleep. I was really struggling to stay awake because I was afraid that I would die if I'd sleep. After two hours, I was brought to my room and be reunited with Paul and our baby. She was given to me so I could nurse her. She immediately figured out how to nurse! I was nursing her while lying in bed because it was impossible to get up. I was in terrible pain even with the pain relievers that they gave me.

The next three days at the hospital were not fun for me but deep in my heart there was pure joy and excitement knowing that I had given birth to the most beautiful baby in the world! And she is mine! Well, okay, Paul's too! SHE IS WORTH EVERY SINGLE PAIN IN MY BODY! The pains are just a little price to pay to have a baby that makes our family a family of three.

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