Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cute Words

I'm always tickled every time you use your "cute words". One of them is "sneaky". I have no idea how you learned that word. I promise I never used that word in my whole life. I also know that your daddy has not used that word on a daily basis. But anyway, that's one of your favorite word. You use it when I put your jeans, shirts, dresses, hats and etc. on you and they're tighter than you'd want them to be. I am guessing that you when you say "sneaky", you actually mean "uncomfortable".

Another word, you use very often is "yesternight". Again, your daddy and I are not really users of this word. You like to say, "remember mommy and daddy, we went to Tennessee yesternight?" or you would say, "I ate my veggies yesternight." I smile at these lines.

"Mommy, would you make me a handwich?" Yeah, handwich! We have corrected you several times saying, it's not handwich, it's sandwich. For some reason, you like to be funny and you like to use words that make us smile when you say them. So, go ahead babby, invent more words.

"Bobbie" is also one of your cute words. When you are in your goofy mood, you say "bobbie" a lot. I think it's very cute!

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