Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Izzy Turned 3!

Yes, Sweetie Pie Pie, you turned 3 exactly a week ago from yesterday. It was exciting! We didn't have a big celebration with friends because you had two birthday parties already in the month of September. Another reason is that we are in the middle a make-over project in the main floor of our house. Our house has been a total mess since the project started. Your daddy and I didn't want to invite friends over to our house for your birthday because of this situation. But I guess we like the little birthday party we had for you at our basement. You looked like you loved your party too.

You had 3 parties for your third birthday! Isn't that amazing? First, we celebrated it with your cousins, Joe and Matt, who also had their birthdays in the month of September, and daddy's side of the family. Your American family :) gave you very nice presents... 2 Veggie Tales movies and Two Ni Hao Kailan toys. Mommy made the cake you especially ordered- the butterfly and flower ice cream cone cakes.

The second party was with Uncle Orgil, who also had his birthday a few days before yours. His friends, who also are our friends, and your Uncle Randy came to the party at Uncle Orgil's apartment in St. Paul. That was so nice of them to give you beautiful presents. Daddy picked up an ice cream cream at Dairy Queen in Eagan. Surprisingly, the store was owned by Bob Schleiker, one of the members at our church, so daddy got the cake for half off price. That was nice.

Your third party was on your actual birthday. Daddy, Mommy and you went to World Buffet for dinner because you loved to eat fish and they have really good fish there. The restaurant gave you a special birthday cake after our dinner... that was so nice of them. When we got home, we had cake and gift opening for you. You were excited to open your gift and found the interactive globe that we bought for you. You had a chance to play with it when we went to the store to look for a nice gift for you. You weren't expecting me to buy it for you. So that was a nice surprise for you. That night you didn't want to go to bed because you wanted to play with the globe all night.

Happy 3rd year on earth, Sweetheart! We love you so much!

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