Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update 29months

Sweetheart, you have been into lining things up. When your daddy and I saw the first few lines of stuff you made, we were so convinced that you have a special skill or talent in organization. But at one point I felt like you were overdoing it and was a little alarmed, so I investigated about it and found out that some toddlers like you are also into it. It's been fun to see you do that. I'm sure you got that talent from your daddy and me. We both are very organized persons. I sometimes overdo it, actually, and it is time consuming. I spend a lot of time organizing stuff. But it is good.

You are also into playing imaginary things. Example: you act like you have a remote control in your hand and you are turning on and off you imaginary tv on the wall and say, "oh, i see Dora..." That's really fun. Your brain is working and you are bright. That's wonderful!

Another thing that I don't want to forget to write is your skill in words accumulation. It's very very fun to hear you use words that normal toddlers don't have any idea. Example: you have just started using the word "though". You like to say, "but mom, it's sour though." that's when I give you something that you think sour. It's fun!

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