Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fourth Month

We flew to the Philippines a week before Izzy turned 4 months. It was her second time to fly. We were assigned to the seat where they put a bassinet in front of us for the baby to sleep in. Izzy slept most of the time during the flights.

A welcome serenade from Filipino musicians at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Notice the pair of wings on Izzy's chest? That's her first wings from NWA.

Flying through Cebu Pacific from Manila to Davao City where we met my parents and one of my brothers.

My sister, Grace, met us at the International Airport and flew with us to Davao.

Papa, Mama, Kuya Dan and Queenqueen met us the airport in Davao City. Little Izzy was sleeping.
More at the airport in Davao City.

My father officiated the Dedication service for Isabelle.

Dan, my brother, decorated the place with balloons.

A feast isn't a feast in the Philippines without Lechon!

Izzy's Lolo and Lola

Izzy's cake!

Izzy and her 7 cousins! All girls!

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