Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Second Month

Isabelle's portraits at JC Penny

Before-bedtime stories and songs with Daddy
Notice how attentive she was? We started noticing how attentive she was when we talk to her when she was only 6 weeks old. She listened and looked like she was interested in what we're telling her. We knew she heard us because she passed the hearing examination before we checked out from the hospital after she was born.

I know I still had some extra pounds! But, hey, give me a break I only had a baby two months ago! Do you expect me to lose 40 pounds in 2 months after recovering from C-section, Bell's Palsy and etc.? C'mmon now, be realistic! LOL!

Can you believe she was only 6 weeks when I took this photo? Yap, she was only six weeks when she started having fun with the toys above her swing! And yes, she was only six weeks when she started to smile and laugh a little bit.

See that? She was laughing at 6 weeks! Oh! Baby!

She couldn't keep her eyes away from the fish! She knew mommy loves fish. And she knew that somehow fish is in her system.

Mommy and Baby

We flew to San Diego, California for Isabelle's first vacation. This photo was taken at the airport.

From the airport, we looked for a restaurant by the shore. We found one and enjoyed the fresh air and food so much!

Goldilocks in San Diego! Wowie! I was so excited to eat Filipino food at Goldilocks. Too excited I couldn't remember what I had!

Friends in San Diego

The cabin where we stayed up in Mt. Palomar in San Diego. It surely was a great get-away from the busy Twin Cities.

There's a baby in the woods!!!

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